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Communication Channels Restructuring

Hello everyone! Just an update about our communication channels revamp/restructuring.

TPJCG currently has 5 communication channels – Email, website (, forums, Facebook group, Twitter.

This does not include all the sub-sites/ channels used by our subcomms and project teams in the social media. Furthermore there was occasions whereby news were only updated in this subsites, missing out the official channels (GUILTY AS CHARGED). As a result, it makes it hard for newcomers to know the latest news and happenings in JCG.

While FB group has served us well most of the times for updates/announcements, the posts may “disappear” due to lack of activity and users often had to scroll and search to look for it. In addition being a group, discussions are inevitable and restricting it only for announcements, basic Q&A will reduce the chances of our members interacting with one another.

Under the new structure, there will be 6 TPJCG communications channels -
FB (2 – one group + one page), Twitter, Email, website, forums.

**All information about JCG main communication channels and sub-sites will be displayed in:

TPJCG website
TPJCG Facebook Page

**All JCG announcements will be posted via

TPJCG Facebook Page
Facebook group (in the form of Events)

**Members will be able to socialise and mingle arond with others to talk about TPJCG, Japanese culture-related topics, after-event chat (such as thoughts and comments about TPJCG/other related external events) through:

Facebook group

The above changes will be taking places gradually and is projected to be completed by Dec 2012. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and welcome any feedback related to this issue. For feedback, please do send them to

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