May 11th, 2008


Annual General Meeting/Orientation 2008

Let’s kick back and have some fun together!

We’re going to conduct our Annual General Meeting, where we brief all new and renewing members on issues such as what the club does, who the people behind the club are and the major events for the year. Most of you may also have questions to ask, so this would be the best time to do so.

At the event, you’ll also be able to come and register for club membership as well! If you have any other friends interested in joining, do ask them to drop by and join us!

After our Annual General Meeting, we’ll be having an orientation for our members to get to know each other, play games and have fun.

There will be water games, so please bring an extra shirt. Girls are highly encouraged to wear dark-coloured shirts.

Date: Saturday, 17 May 2008
Time: 9.30am to 6pm
Venue: LT 15 (IT School, 1st floor)

We’ll be expecting you, so come and have fun with us! Whether you’re attending or not, please email Olivia at with your name and contact number. If there are any friends who have registered for TPJCG, but don’t know of this event, please tell them as well!

Originally posted at TPJCG.