Drawing Competition

Drawing Competition

Hello ladies and gentlemen, it is time for the next Drawing Competition.
This time, the theme for the competition is “ADVENTURE!!!!!!”

Prizes will be given for selected artwork.
All sorts of drawings are accepted as entries to the competition (except for those stated in the rules and regulations below).
The most important point is “Let’s enjoy creating artwork”.

So join us!
Showcase your works and cross your pencils with fellow artists in the drawing session.

Rules for the competition:

- Reference pictures are allowed
- Facsimile(printed or faxed) entries are forbidden.
- Original art is allowed.
- Traditional artwork only
- No tracing allowed
- No digital Art

Date : 9 July 2012 (Monday)
Time: 1800 to 2000 hrs
Venue : IIT 1-5-61

First Prize : Mystery Plushie
Second Prize : $10 Kinokuniya Voucher
Third Prize : Anime Poster

To join, please email the following information to by 8 July 2012:
Full Name:
Matric Number:
Mobile number:
Email Address:

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TPJCG Sub-committee Intake (2012) – Interview Results

Hey guys! 

First of all, congratulations to all those candidates who have passed their subcomm interview. Good job everyone.

Below is the list of successful candidates who have passed their interview for the respective Sub-committees.

*Successful candidates, please note that you will be placed under a probation period of 3 months before the confirmation of your post in the subcommittee.
Candidates who succeed in meeting the club’s expectations during this period will be recognised as a full-fledged committee member at the end of the probation period.

Lastly, there is a compulsory retreat for all of you to attend. It will be held on 19th June (Tuesday). The objective of this camp is to bond all of us together as one big family :)
More details will be given to your email by each of your respective Sub-committee Heads.
Please do check your email for more information!

See you guys and girls soon .

Anime and Manga Sub-committee

Name Admission. No
Ng Jing Dan 1202869B
Lydia Rosette Teo Hui Lin 1203632C
Benjamin Ong Song jie 1206391C
Wong Hin Zi 1203434D
Chan Leying (Levina) 1203977B
Linda 1203943D
Leo Hong Wei Louis (TK) 1203707C
Kai Yi 1200191C
Dolph 1200335F
Chan Qi Jian 1202249G
Jonathan Tan Cheng Heng 1202348G
Goh Yee Hua 1204276H
Muhammad Nukman Rifiqi 1200802E
Soon Wei Zhe 1204660C
Priscilla Lim Xin Hui 1204460H
Chia Xin Jie Jasmin 1202396F

Arts and Entertainment Sub-committee
Name Admission. No
Julian Low Jia Ming 1203305F
Sherlin Lee 1201792G
Germain Wong 1202560G
Lester Lim Zi Yue 1203809G
Lim Jia Le Kitty 1202917I
Nathanel Khoo 1204442F
Zoey Lim 1104326B
Xu Jing Hu 1201776J
Quck Xin Yi Felicia 1202515A
Nicholas Mulianto 1200246E

Assist /Welfare Sub-committee
Name Admission. No
Leow Yun Hui 1204516G
Mich Koh En 1204015J
Sim Jun Jie Keith 1203229H
Tan Jie En 1103361J
Bernard Soh Woon Se 1205479G
Brandon 1200822L

Cuisine Sub-committee
Name Admission. No
Chung Jia Min 1204219H
Tan Jia Qing 1202998I
Lee Jun Feng 1201920D
Ooi Martin Philip (Yong En) 1204245C
Taqiyah bte Tukiman 1203939B
Yuen Wei Meng 1206496J
Liew Lin Quay Veronica 1203761J
Kenneth Koh Lian Hong 1206283B

Publicity Sub-committee
Name Admission. No
Justin Chia 1204194C
Ow Chia Chin Dion. 1202215H
Remus Tan Chun Siang 1206298J
Cleon Lee 1202975G
Wee Jing Ye 1202138H
Goh Kai Jie Keith 1203664F
tan hui ru 1100557F
Benedict Leow 1202227C
Nickson Tan 1202438F
Nurnadirah Binte Ghazali 1202617E
Koh Jia Chun 1103072C
Michelle Walker 1100168B
Minton Yap 1203527A
Koh Xuan Ying Magdalene 1201645G
Aloysius Thng Tong Ye 1204288C

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Weekly Events (June)

TPJCG’s weekly events for June are as follows:

Monday (1800 – 2000 hrs)
Drawing Session by Anime & Manga Subcommittee
[Guided Room] – IT1-5-61
[Themed Room] – IT1-5-62
Wednesday (1800 – 2000 hrs)
Joint Dance Session by Anime & Manga, Arts & Entertainment Subcommittees
Venue: IT1-5-64
Thursday (1730 – 2000 hrs)
Gekiken session by Gekiken group with Arts & Entertainment Subcommittee
Venue: Mensa Canteen
*Equipment will be provided during training. Please contact instructor Jack at 9786 9083 or before going down.*
Friday (1800 – 2100 hrs)
Karaoke session by Arts & Entertainment Subcommittee
Venue: LT 12
*Please note there will be no karaoke session on the 29th of June*

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Create Your Own Bento

Create Your Own Bento

Have you ever tasted or tried to make your own bento?

Do you want to know how bentos are made?

Don’t you want to prepare a bento for your loved ones?

The wait is over!!

The word “Bento” refers to lunch box.

Bento usually consists of rice, meat or fish and one or more pickled vegetables or cooked ones.

After participating in our bento making session, you would be able to make some for your family and friends!

Date: 23 June 2012, Saturday

Time: 1000hrs to 1500 hrs

Venue: Engineering School, Concourse Level 3

Event Price: $6 (members); $8 (non-members)

To register, please EMAIL the following details to Esther at :

Full name:

Matriculation card number:


Year of study: (Year 1/2/3)

Contact number:

Desired Session : Morning (10am to 12noon) or Afternoon (1pm to 3pm)

Please remember to bring your bento box to the event!!!

Registration will close on THURSDAY, 21 JUNE 2012.

SEAL points will be awarded for participation.

We look forward to seeing you!

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Yukata Wearing

Yukata Wearing

Summer is round the corner and it’s time for yukatas!

Ever wondered how to wear a yukata properly? Should it be worn right-over-left or left-over-right? How do we tie the obi?

Come, join us and learn how to wear a yukata!

Date: 22th June

Time: 1800 hrs to 2100 hrs

Venue: IT1-5-61

Fee: $2 (for participants using yukatas provided during the event)


*Ownership of yukata is not required, men and ladies yukatas, courtesy of TPJCG seniors & alumni, are available for use during the session.

>>Payment of $2 applies – shared cleaning fee for yukatas used in the event <<

*If you wish to purchase a yukata, our alumni will be present to help you with the online purchase. However, advance payment or deposit is required.

>>Minimum damage – $80 onwards, dependent on exchange rate, selection of yukata, etc<<

*For those who need to refresh their yukata wearing techniques, please feel free to join us as well!!


Interested parties, please send the following details to

Full Name:

Admin no.:



Contact no.:


Seal points for participation will be given.

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AM Movie Screening

AM Movie Screening

Date: 30 June 2012, Saturday

Time: 1500hrs to 1900 hrs

Venue: LT 15

Fee : Free (members), $2 (non-members)

Show Time:

1500 hrs to 1700 hrs

Konjiki no Gash Bell!! Mecabarukan no raishuu

(Golden Gash Bell!! Attack of the Mechavulcan)

1700 hrs to 1900 hrs

Gekijouban Hagane no Renkinjutsushi: Shanbara o Yuku Mono

(Fullmetal Alchemist the Movie: Conqueror of Shamballa)

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TPJCG Committee + Band Recruitment Drive 2012

TPJCG is conducting its annual recruitment drive for committee members (sub-committees/project teams) and band.

For those who have missed the orientation camp or did not manage to sign up at our subcommittee stations then, email applications for entry to the staff team and band are now being accepted.

Please send your :

Student Admission No.:
Year of Study: (Year 1,Year 2 or Year 3??)
School / Course: (ENG, BUS, IIT, AS, DES ,HSS+ Name of your diploma course)
Contact no.:

to the groups that you are interested in :

Anime & Manga Subcommittee :

Arts & Entertainment Subcommittee :

Cuisine Subcommittee :

Assist Subcommittee :

Publicity Team :

TPJCG Band Project :

Application closing date is on 8 June 2012.

* Members are allowed to register their interest with multiple groups.
For example, if you are interested in Cuisine and Assist subcommittees, please send your application to BOTH Cuisine and Assist subcommittee emails.

* All applicants will be required to undergo an interview and probation period before being confirmed for the post.

* Please ensure that you have received confirmation regarding your application and interview date by 10 Jun 2012.

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Recruitment for 40 Volunteers for JAS Natsumatsuri on 25 August 2012

JAS is inviting 40 students to help out in their Annual Summer Festival (Natsumatsuri) this August.

Volunteers will be recruited based on the following T-shirt size quota:

10 pcs S size
10 pcs M size
15 pcs L size
5 pcs XL size

>> You will be expected to wear the T-shirt on the event day so please CHOOSE a SUITABLE SIZE.

Interested parties please EMAIL the following details to BY 19 JUN with the SUBJECT HEADING – Summer Volunteers

Student No.:

Year of Study: (Year 1, 2, or 3)
School/Course: (IIT, AS, ENG, BUS,DES + your diploma course name)
Contact no.:
T-shirt size:
Food preference:
(Bento or Muslim)

*Application BY EMAIL ONLY.

*NOTE: Please understand applications will be handled on first-come-first-serve basis and priority will be given to
1. current serving JCG committee (excluding AY2012/2013 intake)
2. current JCG members
3. TP students
4. TPJCG alumni


*For ALUMNIs, please indicate that you are one (alumni) in the email sent.

*Please ensure that you receive a confirmation reply with 48 hrs after you have sent your email. If you do not receive any confirmation after the stated hours, please double check if your application sent is complete.

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JAS Sports Day

Unlike our typical school sports day, the JAS Annual Sports Day is jam-packed of interesting competitions (e.g. seven-legged race, an-pan race, scavenger hunt, obstacle races) in addition to the standard athletic segments.

This year, JAS is inviting Temasek Polytechnic to participate in this event again.

Date: 22 July 2012, Sunday
Time: 0900 to 1730 hrs
Venue: AR-JAS Sports Centre

While everyone is welcome to attend this event, only 20 participants will be entitled to the bento set.
So please do register early, placements will be based on first-come-first-serve basis.

Interested parties, please send the following details to with the heading JAS Sports Day by 30 May 2012:

Student No.:
Year of Study:
School & Course of Study:
Contact no.:

Meal preference: Halal / Normal / etc (please specify)

*All meal arrangements will depend on JAS Sports Day Organising Committee. If the meal selection is unavailable, please understand.

*Please ensure that you have received a confirmation within 48 hours after you sent the email. If not, please do pm Peifen through Facebook or TPJCG forum (egnimaspiritia)

*** For those who are unable to get into the lucky 20s, you can still join the event. However, you may need to prepare your own food and drinks.

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Shamisen Performance by Matsumoto Baisho

Shamisen player, Mr Matsumoto Baisho from Japan, will be giving a performance at TP campus this coming June and all students are welcome.

Admission is free but vacancies are limited to 50 pax.
However registration is required and is on First-Come-First-Served basis.

SEAL points for Enrichment will be awarded for students’ attendance to this event.

Date: 20 June 2012, Wednesday
Time: 1230 to 1330 hrs
Venue: Seminar Room, TP Library Level 9

Interested parties, please send the following details to with the subject heading ‘SHAMISEN PERFORMANCE‘ by 30 May 2012 8 Jun 2012:

Student No.:
Year of Study:
Contact no.:

Are you interested to learn how to play shamisen?: Yes or No

For ALUMNIs, please indicate that you are one (alumni) in the email sent.

*Please ensure that you receive a confirmation reply within 48 hours after you have sent your email.
If you fail to receive any confirmation after the stated hours, please pm Peifen (forum: egnimaspiritia) via Facebook or tpjcg forums.*

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